H4 ead pending - biometric done, spouse h1b transfer in premium


If h4/h4 ead biometric done but pending approval and spouse’s H1B transfer starts for employer change, during that time can pending h4 & h4 ead be processed as PREMIUM ? Looks like it should be, as USCIS got a very recent biometric data - so they necessarily do not have dependency on fingerprinting - hence H4 & H4 EAD can be processed as “PREMIUM” with spouse’s new H1B transfer.

Any idea what happens exactly in this case or if someone has been through similar situation ?

Also any idea if the proposed law for “H4 premium processing” is already valid/active : https://redbus2us.com/uscis-premium-processing-h4-l2-ead/

@anil_am22 pls suggest

Thanks !

I don’t think that H4 EAD will be approved in premium this way.

H4 EAD premium processing is still not active.

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