H4-EAD pending - reapply after getting H4 VISA Stamp

We have applied for H4 + H4-EAD extension in Dec 2020 (H1B approved but H4 and H4EAD pending). My wife travelled to India recently and going to come back with H4 VISA stamp so we are planning to withdraw H4 extension petition once she comes back to USA.

Should I keep the H4-EAD extension or Should I withdraw H4-EAD extension application also ? If we can keep the current H4-EAD extension application, Can I re-apply H4-EAD again as soon as she comes back as processing time for H4 EAD standalone application is faster than with H4 extension ?

Thanks for your time.

You can reapply H4 EAD. It may have a better chance of approval quickly.

Thanks for the response. Do we need to withdraw the current H4EAD petition ?