H4 ead premium process

Hi Anil,

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Expiry of our visas are 04/21/2021. We have applied for H1B,H4 and H4 EAD extension through an attorney and the documents packet was received at the center on 12/15/2020.
As our attorney told that these days it is taking almost a month to receive receipt #s, we waited. But on 01/14/2021 she has updated us that USCIS has returned the whole documents packet as there is a edition mismatch in one of the H4 EAD form pages we sent.

As the visa expires are closer, we have decided to reapply visa extensions in premium process.
Could you please let me know if there is premium process to apply H4 EAD extension and if yes please guide us through the process.

Thank you!

H4 EAD premium processing is not available as of today.

Congress passed the law but USCIS has not yet implemented it.

Hi Anil,

I am hearing news that USCIS is planning to start premium process for H4 and H4 EAD in 2022. Is that true? could you through some light on this? Thanks,
Sailaja Prakash

Thanks Anil for sharing the link. So there is no hope until 2024 for H4 and H4 EAD premium?