H4 EAD Processing with H1B Premium

Does someone know if USCIS is processing H1B premium + H4 + H4 EAD as one package to-gather after biometric requirement was suspended on 17th May or they are just approving H1B & H4 in Premium and H4 EAD in regular processing?

USCIS is no more adjudicating H4 along with PP of H1B. It is taking several months for H4 and H4 EAD approval and this has been going on since more than an year now.

I guess that was because of the biometrics requirements. Now that the biometrics are removed, it would be interesting to see if what OP is asking is resumed.

You are right but just because the biometric requirement created a huge backlog, I dont expect the processing time to go down at least until this year end.

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