H4 EAD renewal queries

We got our H1 and H4 renewal approved in July 2019. After that in November 2019, we applied for H4 EAD and it is valid till July 2022. While the H4 EAD application was pending, my husband changed his employer and we applied H1 transfer and H4 again. Due to this we now have H1 and H4 valid till November 2022 and H4 EAD till July 2022.

I plan to apply my H4 EAD renewal in Jan 2022 (180 days before expiry date), given the current processing timeline is anywhere between 7 to 12 months not sure if I will get it on time. Is there a way to expedite the application?

Also, when we file for H1 and H4 renewal in May 2022, I will be again filing for my H4 EAD renewal at that time as well.

Below are the some questions I was hoping to get some clarity on:

  • Does H1 premium processing help in expedited H4 EAD approval?

  • Also, if my first application made in Jan 2022 is pending and we get an H1 approval, is there a way I can amend/update that application to reflect the newly approved H1?

It used to be but not anymore. You may get lucky if H.R.8337 gets implemented in next few months then you may be able to apply for premium processing for H4 & EAD.

You may send the copy of the new I-797 of primary H1B and copy of H4 EAD receipt to the service center processing your H4 EAD. You will need a cover letter explaining why you are submitting the I-797.