H4 EAD - Renewal Question (H4 extension pending)

My H1B extension is approved till 2024.
I filed the H4 extension a month ago for spouse. It’s still pending.

Can I file H4EAD extension with H4 extension pending? I will attach a copy of H1B approval i797 and H4 extension receipt along with supporting documents

Can I file this H4EAD extension online? Or its paper based…

Please advise

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately online filing for H4 EAD is not available at this point.


Thank you so much. I will start the application for I765 asap.

Is it advisable to overnight the packet? Whats preferred carrier? USPS/ Fedex/ UPS? Any recommendations?


Overnight is your choice but make sure you use correct address if sending USPS vs other couriers.

I see. USCIS will use the day its delivered as the receipt date, correct?

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