H4 EAD Renewal Submitted before 180 days

Anil - Di you happen to receive any case where someone applied for H4-EAD before 180 days? I know USCIS issues RFE in those cases but what is after that?

  • Do they process these application automatically after 180 days?
  • Do they Reject the application and refund the fee and we need to re-apply?
  • Anyone share exact text of RFE or how ultimately it was processed

They usually return the application and you will have to re-apply.

Thanks Anil for answering.

This was partly what I was wondering about and glad to see this being answered here by the mighty Anil :slight_smile: What would we do without you, Sir

Quick question - Wife’s EAD & H4 will expire in ~280days. Is it advisable to file for H4 extension alone right now or just file both concurrently in 100 days from now? Any pros/cons.

You can apply both at 180 day mark.