H4 EAD RFE after traveled to India for H4 stamping - stuck due to Coronavirus

Hi Anil,
My wife had her H4 (I-539) and H4 EAD applications in process since Sep of last year.
We waited and finally decided to take a chance and traveled end of Feb for India (before the whole Covid-19 travel restrictions) as we wanted to complete our visa stampings that time.
Luckily, we both got our visa stamping done and got out passports back before USCIS suspended all visa work.
My wife’s H4 (I-539) application was approved today. Her H4 EAD was given an RFE in early Mar (before the H4 extension approval) USCIS basically asked to give proof that our I-539 application is approved or not - we can now give this but are in India.
Today, we saw in India that it will be a 21 day period lockdown in India. (probably longer)
I have started work from India and obviously cannot travel now.
So, my questions are-

  1. Is working from outside the US any issue in terms of both our visas? Do we need to notify USCIS regarding this? We do have the visas stamped and my wife even got her I-539 application approved.
  2. Can we contact USCIS to give us more time for H4 EAD RFE because we cannot travel now due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

You can work from India as long as your US H1B Employer is okay with it for short term.

You can check with USCIS if they will allow more time for RFE response but this is a common problem that happens when you travel.

USCIS may also ask for an updated i94 before they can approve your H4 EAD. You cannot get a new i94 until you enter USA.

Thanks. Is calling USCIS the best option to contact them regarding RFE response time extension? Or any other way? The number that I have for USCIS Customer Contact - 1800-375-5283.

I do not know of any other option at this time.