H4 EAD RFE for H1B spouse’s pay stubs

Hi Anil,
Thank you for providing all this helpful information on am22tech.

I have a question on the supporting documents required for H4 EAD application.

I applied for H4 EAD renewal in the last week of March 2019 and application is still in ‘Case Received’ status at Vermont service center.

Recently I am seeing a lot of people reporting in H4 EAD discussion forums that they received RFE for spouse’s pay stubs.

I do not remember submitting spouse’s pay stubs with previous renewal applications. Are the pay stubs required?

Is it possible to send the pay stubs to USCIS before receiving RFE?

Thank you.

Hi @sun01

I have not heard of any H4 EAD case where USCIS has asked for spouse (H1B) payslips.

Where have you read about them?


There were a few more cases on the same site saying they received RFEs requesting spouse’s pay stubs.

Ok… did you apply your H4 EAD along with H1B and H4 or separately?

You cannot send the payslips unless USCIS requests it.

Also, it seems that USCIS requested his pay slips as they may have doubts on his H1B status maintenance.

I applied for H4 EAD renewal alone. H1 and H4 extensions were approved on premium processing in the 3rd week of March 2019. I applied for the renewal after we got the approval notices for H1 and H4.

Hi @sun01

I don’t think you have anything to worry.

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Thank you for the response!!