H4 EAD RFE regarding Work Authorization


I filed H4 EAD through an Attorney, and recently received an RFE for - “Basis for Work Authorization”. Did anyone received such kind of RFE and wanted to check what all documents you shared in response to the RFE.

Also since i filed this through an attorney can i send response directly, as i also received the RFE letter, the reason i want to do so is because the attorney takes a lot of time in responding ?? So could someone please help me on this.

Also if i respond and later my attorney also respond, then what will happen in that case. Please shed some light on this.


To me it almost looks like any one of the below document is missing with the application.

  1. Primary H1B valid I-797.
  2. Last three pay stubs for primary H1B.
  3. Employment verification letter for H1B
  4. Approved I-140 for primary H1B
  5. H4 valid I-797.

If you used attorney, you must have them reply as they filed G-28 to represent you for the case they filed on your behalf.

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