H4 EAD RFE to send approved H4 i797 after H1B transfer

Hi Anil,
My H1B was approved and my wife’s H4 was in process for Employer A. I switched jobs. My H1B transfer and my wife’s H4 was applied in premium processing by Employer B. I got my H1B approval and my wife’s H4 biometric was completed (for Employer B). I applied for her H4 EAD renewal with the H4 receipt notice (Employer B). I received a RFE for her H4 EAD application yesterday. They are asking for the receipt number of the approved H4. But her H4 is still in process. How should i respond? Please help.


You can send the pending H4 extension (employer B) receipt number along with the biometric completion proof.

I had sent the receipt notice and the biometric completion proof when I applied. In the RFE it says receipt number of approved H4. Should I still go ahead and just send the H4 receipt notice along with the biometric completion proof?

Offcourse, if you don’t have the approval, you can only send the receipt notice.

You can include an extra letter explaining your situation.

Thanks Anil. Will do. Appreciate your quick response.