H4 EAD Sample Form I-765, Documents Required Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil,
Recently updated i94 after passport renewal by visiting San Diego border. For section ‘Information about your last arrival’ in i-765 form, I have entered the latest i94 number and mentioned ‘San Ysirdo’ as ‘Last arrival in U.S.’. Would that work? If not, do we have any specific code for land PoE like the airports?

I believe, it should match with the Location code in your I94 Travel History Results
I entered AUH for my case.

You mean its ok to enter the location code instead of complete name? The location code in travel history is ‘SYS’.

this is what I entered, hope it helps…

Thanks, that helps. Need to confirm since the sample form had place(city name) entered as oppose to PoE code.

Regarding Q 21a., should we use the i-94 number on i-794(H-4) approval or the latest i94 which was updated after passport renewal? They both are different numbers and I am attaching H4 approval notice (instead of latest i94)hence the confusion.

Hi @mv

San Ysidro works fine.

Hi Anil,
Any pointers here. Should I enter the latest i94 even though I am providing H4 i-797 approval copy? Would this work?

Thanks Anil, for confirming.

Are your both I94s have future expiry date?
I would enter the latest, i.e. after passport renewal, and enclose it with the application.

Yes, both have same future date. Related Q would be should if latest i94 number is entered does it make more sense to attach latest i-94 instead of H4 i-797 approval copy? Or that doesn’t matter?
Please confirm

I think they will look arrival record only from latest I94
but your legal status from the H4 I797 copy.

IMO both documents are necessary.

Thanks, I will add latest i-94 copy as well in the application packet. Since they state either one of them I wanted to make sure. Seems it would be sensible to include both to avoid surprises.

Also do I need to include copies of white i94 paper copy which is issued at land PoE?

Quick Q: For question 27 shouldn’t we be entering ‘C’ in one box and ‘26’ in other box. Wouldn’t that imply differently from ‘C’, ‘2’, ‘6’? Can you please confirm quick? Thanks

Hi @mvb

You can either write C(2)(6) or C(26). It does not matter. Both work fine.

Also, you should include your most recent i94 and not old ones.

Thanks Anil and Venkat, you guys had been great help resolving queries.

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Quick question: If H4EAD renewal application is being filed with H1B (i129) as well as H4 extension (1539), which I797 number are we supposed to write for pnt: “29” in form I-765? The current approved i797 which is due to expire in a month?

Hi @Som

You have to write “Filed concurrently” and not the receipt number.