H4 EAD Sample Form I-765 - Questions & Answers

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@Anil.Gupta - I have similar situation as Venkat - I understand the answer should be ‘Yes’ for that question. Is it recommended to elaborate under Part 6 Additional information stating the previous application for I765 was withdrawn ?

Hi @bivinster

You can describe the reason for denial if you want.

Hey @Anil.Gupta it’s not denial. I submitted H4 EAD application at Vermont center as soon as I140 got approved. It’s still pending decision. Now I would be doing H1 and H4 extension so I was thinking to withdraw the Vermont application for EAD as my extension would be filed in California.

Now when I fill the new h4 EAD application I see you have answered to notate yes where the question applies around if the applicant has applied i765 prior. Do you think it’s better to explain that I had to withdraw my application as the primary applicant approved stay was less than 6 months.

Hi @bivinster

Yes, you can explain that.

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Hi Amit,

My i 140 approved recently. i needs to apply h4 ead for my spouse. can you pls help e with below queries.

  1. My current h1b/I 797 stamped until March 2020. Can i apply H4 ead for my spouse?
  2. My wife already got the stamping for h4 in India until March 2020. Does she need any Bio metric? Currently my spouse is in USA.
  3. In filling checklist i saw that she has to upload the I 797. But she already have the stamping on her passport for H4 until March 2020.
  4. Can i submit my I 797 as proof?. Or else can i submit my US visa/h1b stamped until March 2020.
  5. Can i have sample filled i 765 form . In your portal i could not able to find it.
  6. Can i send my personnel check for filling fee to USCIS.
  7. I was bit worried where to send these H4 ead/ I 765 documents? I mean which service center.

I asked many queries. Can you pls kindly clarify.


Hi @Kumar99

You can file H4 EAD even though your H1B is only approved till Mar 2020. But, the H4 EAD validity will be given only until Mar 2020. So, it is better you file H1B extension, H4 extension and H4 EAD all together to get longer validity.

You do not need Biometric if you are ONLY filing i765 and not H4 extension.

All the information that you have asked is available here along with sample i765 form.

Hi Amit,

Thank you so much. You have cleared most of my queries.
One final query. Pls suggest me. My I 797 Approval/Receipt starts with L & my I 140 Receipt # starts with S. So which one i needs to consider for sending the H4 EAD docs. Can i send to the Dallas USCIS address?. Kindly confirm.
2. Can i use my check for the fee payment?. Kindly confirm.


Hi @Kumar99

Did you read the linked article? As i said, it has all the details and the answers to your questions.

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If we file H1B extension, H4 extension and EAD concurrently, do we need to attach “previous” H4 approval (I-797) for H4 Status Proof document, or only using I-94 copy (which will have current visa expiration date) which we can obtain online is sufficient?

Hi @keto12

You need to understand that i797 is not a proof of H4 status.

You have to send most recent i94 as a proof of valid H4 status in every case.

Hi Anil, thanks for the reply. So the most recent I-94 will have an expiration date corresponding to the previous H4 visa right (i.e. sometime this year since I need to renew it this year). That is fine right?

Hi @keto12

The most recent i94 may or may not have the validity corresponding to your H4 visa. It can be different too.

Just use the MOST recent i94.

Understood, thanks a lot Anil.

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Hi, thanks for the info. Is it okay to apply for H1 and H4 extension through lawyer and H4-EAD by self separately? So, the applications for H1 and H4 wlll go together, but H4-Ead will go separately a day or 2 later. Lawyer is asking for $1000 consulting fee for EAD

You can apply H4 EAD separately. Its easy.