H4 EAD status after H1B Approval

Hello @anil_am22 , I had applied for H4 EAD during first week of March 2022 and it got approved on May 9th (valid till 2024). And my H1B got picked in current years lottery and employed filed H1B petition on May 3rd.
Could you help me understand what will happen to my H4 EAD status if my H1B get approved. Can I continue to work on H4 EAD if I choose that option.

It depends on how H1B is being filed i.e. as COS or consular processing.

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@anil_am22 H1B filed as COS ie F1 to H1B . Also H4 got approved as COS as well F1 to H4.

Your status will change to H1B when approved on the start date mentioned on the approval notice. You cannot work using H4 EAD then.