H4 EAD Suggestion

I have my H1B active with my current employer until March 31, 2023 and recently my H1B transfer was also approved by USCIS until Jan 24, 2024. However I haven’t yet resigned from my current employer and plan to do so in next 1 or 2 weeks. My wife’s H4 got approved with my current employer today and I want to file her H4 EAD. Also my future employer has filed her H4 but its still pending. What are my options to file for her H4 EAD and approximately in how much time will the EAD arrive.

You can file H4 EAD using her approved H4 extension from current employer.

Thanks Anil, Which H1B petition number i should mention in the form the latest one or the current employer one?

Current employer approved petition should be used.

But what happens when I resign within 1-2 weeks after submitting the EAD application and current employer withdraws my H1b and EAD application is still in progress.