H4 EAD to Day 1 CPT


My wife did masters in USA and currently on STEM OPT which expires in Aug 2020 and we could not find a employer who could sponsor H1b this year. Btw she not from IT background.
Since I have a approved I140 am planning to apply H4 and h4 ead for her.
My question : Is it possible to move from H4 EAD to Day 1 CPT (in future if required)


You should be able to apply day 1 CPT but its not recommended.

Day 1 CPT can seriously spoil your chances of future US visas. I recommend to stay away from it even though universities may tell that its legal.

Yes. I agree. My wife’s Step OPT expires in Aug 2020. I will be applying for her H4 and H4 EAD very soon.

My question : In case if F1 to H4 cos is pending and the OPT expires, will she be out of status? or can she still continue to be in USA until H4 gets approved/denied.

Question 2 : Once H4 is approved, will she still be eligible to file H1B next year under cap as she has done masters in USA.


If H4 COS is pending, she can stay in US.