H4 EAD - USCIS Address - Questions Answers

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can i send my EAD renewal i-765 application directly to a service center for example Nebraska or i have to send to PO BOX in Phoenix, if i live in Washington state?

You have to send it to lockbox address.

My lockbox is in arizona if I send it to the other one in texas, what will happen?

Hi Alex, i am in the simialr boat. i have sent the documents to FedEx/UPS mentioned address but via USPS by mistake yesterday. i dont know what will happen. but both the service centers are Texas only. not sure USICS will post internally or will send back. let me know, what happend in your case.

I am applying for my wife’s H4 extensions along with my H1B extension and new H4 EAD. I read the in
“You may also file Form I-765 at the same time as your Form I-539 and
your H1-B spouse”. So it is possible to file them together. But It didn’t say to which address I should file all 3 forms together.

Because for I-129 it can be either California or Vermont, but for I-765/I-539 it says Dallas/Phoneix lockbox.

So If I file all 3 of them concurrently do I have to send them to California/Vermont? Do we have any official link for this?

If you are applying all 4 together, then they apl need to be sent to same address as H1B.