H4 EAD validity longer than H1B after transfer approved for shorter term

I had approved h1b till aug 2020 and my wife has h4 and EAD approved till 16thaug 2020. I changed my client but employer is still same and filed h1b transfer which got approved till march 2020. We did not file wife’s h4 and EAD along with transfer as they were valid till 16th aug 2020.

Question is:

  1. Has my wife’s h4 duration also got reduced to march 2020?
  2. when i apply for extension i will extend wife’s h4 + EAD but can she continue to work untill aug 2020 with her EAD?
  3. can i request EAD start date from 17th aug 2020

The H4 and H4 EAD stays valid as per their own validity period. But, the h4 status is dependent on H1B.

So, as long as you can stay in H1B status by filing an extension before your i94 expiry, the H4 and H4 EAD can work and stay in US.

Your wife can keep working using H4 EAD until Aug 2020 if you file your H1B extension before i94 expiry and it does not get denied.

EAD start date and end date will be matched to H1B extension dates.

You should file the h1B, h4 and H4 EAD concurrently when you file the next extension.

so if i file of EAD extension now it will be outside 180 days window … will that be ok? (EAD expiring august 2020) or is there any rule that we can not ask for EAD extension before 180 days

Hi @asrm_arfg

Filing H4 EAD outside of 180 days window is allowed if you file it with H1B transfer.

thanks so in my case can i request EAD start date of 17th august 2020 (current is valid till 16th aug 2020)