H4 EAD with Extension/i140

I am on H4 visa. and my husband on H1.His I140 is its likely to get approved by Jan2022. Meanwhile our H1/H4 extension is due this sept. Attorney is asking us concurrently to file H4 EAD with extension? Is it recommended approach?

It depends on whether you want to use H4 EAD for work once it is approved. If yes then you cam go ahead and file it now however it does need approved I-140. Not sure if your attorney is planning to apply based on just the receipt for I140.

Yes. I want to use H4 EAD for work. Does H4 EAD application not require any reference to approved I-140? Currently PERM is in process and expected to be approved by Dec. 2021 and we’ll file I-140 in premium. I’m not clear if this method is legible to file EAD without an approved I-140. Please advise