H4 EAD (With H1B Change of Employer) and prior L2 EAD Bio-m

A new employer has filed for my H1B change of employer and also filed for my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD. My Wife currently holds an EAD which has quite a bit of time left on it. I was previously in L1 (and she was on L2), but it was quite a long time ago. However, my wife did apply for her L2 EAD at that time and got her Biometrics done in the US specifically for that L2 EAD. My question is, as of right now, will USCIS consider the prior L2 EAD biometric, or will they need her to go for a new one?

I have the same query

A new biometric will be required for H4. H4 EAD does not need biometric.