H4 EOS I-539 Denied for wife, Pending for Son

After almost an year of filling H4 EOS, my wife’s H4 EOS was denied (status update on USCIS site). I am ecpecting the notice with reason to be available in next few days. Please advise what are my immediate options. My H-1B is valid for 18 more months and do not see any reason for denial except may be some clerical error in the form. My son’s application status is still pending, I am not sure if that would be denied too.
Thanks for your response.

You need to hire a good lawyer if you applied H4 yourself. You may need to refile using NPT.

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Thanks, I filed through Fragomen so lawyer part is fine. Just exploring my options to be ready when notice is received in few days. Lawyer will only respond once they see the actual notice with cause of denial.

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@anil_am22 while I am waiting for official notice for reason of denial, do you know if my son’s application could be denied as well since my wife is the petitioner for the him, in case it is just a clerical error for my wife’s application.