H4 expired visa renewal- Drop box

Hello Anil,

My family(myself, my spouse and 1 boy) are currently residing in the US on
“H” category visa. We have a valid petition but our visa on the passport
has expired. when scheduling the appointment, for both of us: my spouse and
myself were eligible for the Interview waiver/Drop box program.
We are planning to travel to India this summer: my spouse and my kid in
June and myself in July 2022.
Since our visa has expired, I understand that we would need to renew/get a
US visa stamped on the passport.
My son is 9 years old and is dependent on my spouse H1. So, below are my
queries- request your response inline.

  1. What should I enter as “My both parents have valid visas” in the CGI
  2. Since I am planning to travel to India in July(later than my
    spouse/kid travelling in June), how to handle scheduling a US visa
    interview for my 9 year old son?
  3. What happens if I enter as “YES” for query #1 and in June only my
    spouse and my kid submit their passports for US visa renewal?
  4. Can we not have my spouse US visa first approved and then when I submit my passport in July, I submit mine and my son’s passport for visa approval along with my spouse US valid visa?

Please let me know.

Please go through this thread. Same situation:

Thanks @anil_am22 for sharing the thread. The case in the thread was parents looking for in person interview. I am trying to see if my son DS-160 can be added as a family member in my spouse profile (in cgi federal website) and then have one drop box interview date scheduled. so, when the day arrives, both mother and son will drop their passport. Also, principal applicant for my son’s H4 is his mother only. I might not travel to India and have only they both travel. Will this be risky for my son to get visa approved?

One of my friend recently traveled to India with family of 3(hi, his 2 dependents in that case- his spouse and his 12 yr ols boy) and he submitted all the passports in one profile via drop box and got visa stamped on all of the passports. All 3 had visa expired on their passport.