H4 extension approval after H1B COS

Here is my situation -
I applied for H1B with received dt: 06/22/2021 and approved with notice dt: 07/21/2021 with COS effective 10/01/2021.
I applied for H4 extension with received dt: 06/25/2021 and approved with notice dt: 01/12/2022. And validity from 05/03/2021 till 05/2024.

Meanwhile my H4 attorney sent letter to USCIS on 10/22/2022 to approve h4 ext only till 30/09/2021 with reason of COS from 10/01/2021.

But h4 approval notice gave validity till 05/2024. (Didn’t consider request on h4 ext petition)

Do I need to take any additional steps now to avoid any issues to continue on H1B? Any suggestion/help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Apologies for many dates, just want to give clear picture

Your current status must have changed to H4 if USCIS approved it with new i94.

You should talk to your attorney to fix it if you want to continue working using H1B.

Thank you for responding Anil…
Yes, approval came with new i94.
Do I need to ask attorney to revoke h4?