H4 Extension, COS Processing Time 2019 Archive

Hi Anil

I have filed my H1B on 21st Feb and got an RFE. I have submitted RFE response in premium on 04/23 and got H1B approved on 04/30. Its at Vermont center.

My wife’s H4 and H4 EAD is not still approved. Could you please let me know if that will be approved early as I have filled H1B in premium and when can I expect that.

Is there any way I can expedite or followup.

Thanks a lot in advance.



Hi @Ashish
The H4 and H4 EAD have no defined approval time. It may or may not be approved along with your premium H1B.

You can only file for expediting your H4EAD. H4 does not have any expedite option.

Anil, I see that latest California processing H4 approval date (after biometrics) is Apr 1.
Is this true?

Hi @priya_movva

The latest reported date is May 15 for H4 approval after biometrics. USCIS is approving H4 after biometric appointment in about 20+ days if filed H4 with premium H1B.

The one shown on the tracking page may be an L2 extension approval date.

Anil - I don’t see many cases getting H4 approvals after biometrics. To start with one is a good news though. How many have you heard approvals for H4 after biometrics so far? One of my friend’s case biometrics was done on 4/18 and nothing until today. But heard in other group that for one who applied on 4/3 and gave biometrics on 4/25 had H4 approved. Do you have any other updates! As always with your forum it’s always great to know the updates. Thanks again…

Is it California? We applied on Apr 17 and got H1 approved on Apr 24. Biometric was completed on Apr 29 (though scheduled for May 10). Can we expect it in the next 2 -3 weeks or 2 months?

Hi @Sri
At this time, only one of the person has reported directly to us and the that’s what i have shared.

I am tracking multiple other cases but no one has got approval yet.

Once they share, i will update the trend and average number of days to get H4 approval after Biometrics.

Hi @priya_movva
There is no clear trend at this time that we can see as only one case has been reported to me directly.

I will be able to share more once couple of more cases get approval.

@ Anil -

In the post you said ‘After calling USCIS H4 and H4 EAD are being moved to the regular processing queue’. How valid is that statement? Is that official?

I don’t see any official update on USCIS website that H4 and H4 EAD are being considered in regular processing.
If your statement update happened to be hear and say kind of news from other forums or friends, it would be beneficial for the community to say so.

USCIS website still has the verbiage ‘I-539s are adjudicated soon after completing the biometrics’.

I am assuming it’s just that new process it’s taking time for staff as well to work through it. They officially didn’t mention H4 and H4 EAD are considered in regular processing.

I am hopeful USCIS will start processing H4s and EADs as soon as they streamline the process for biometrics.

Hi @Sri ,
There has been no official announcement about the H4 and H4 EAD being processed in regular queue after biometrics.

That’s the reason i called and checked with USCIS on how they are currently handling them. The USCIS call center response was that they are processing H4 and H4 EAD in regular processing time.

That’s the information I got and that’s what I have shared.

On the other hand, I reported yesterday that one of the person has received anH4 approval in 20 days after biometrics when H1B+H4 was filed in premium.

I am just sharing what I know from reliable sources.

It is possible that H4 and H4 EAD processing time reduces soon as more cases are processed. We are waiting for that to happen. But, at this time, the processing time is more than 20 days.

Thanks Anil, it’s not that what you shared is not valid- just reassuring ourselves that H4s and EADs will be processed faster.

My story is along the same lines as many but with little twists here and there.
I’ve applied H1, H4 and EAD on 3/26. H4 was rejected on 4/5 because of an error I made in the form. As if H4 rejection is not enough I’ve received an RFE along with H4 rejection.

Responded to RFE along with updated I-539 which was received by USCIS on 4/22. Second RFE was issued on 4/30 for the reason the RFE response was not reached to record of proceeding - sent the response again on 5/7.

I’ve received the biometrics notification on 5/7 for 5/13 appointment. Although H1B was approved on 5/14 - H4 and EAD wait time is killing.

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Anil, Sorry to ask you again.

I see that california h4/l2 processing date is April 13. Is this true? or is it L2?
Since biometric is applicable to both, are they processing it faster?

Hi @priya_movva
The most recent date of approval reported directly to me is May 15 after biometrics. It is possible that the users who have reported it has added the wrong approval date.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Can you confirm the dates of H4 Approval are true on this webpage?

Do you have any Receipt numbers or any forums we can look at for these dates?


Hi @sandeepyadavalli123

The receipt numbers are given in the ‘Add or compare My case’ section on the same H4 tracking page.

Does this mean H4 is approved after biometrics?

H4 and other dependent applications are filed using the same form i539 and hence the dates may differ for H4.

At this time, there are zero reported cases of H4 approval after Biometric.

I am tracking the approval after Biometric cases here and will update as and when someone reports.

Hi Anil,

We have filed for my husband H1B extension along with my H4 extension on March 20th in Nebraska centre. Recently, my husband H1B has been approved on May 30th but my H4 status does not shows any change. We have not received any letter also for my H4 case. I have completed my biometrics in April. Dosent the H4 visa gets approved along with H1B visa? I thought my visa would get approved together with H1B as they were filed together.

Hi @Ag02

I do not understand your situation correctly. H4 biometric requirement started on Mar 22 and you say you had filed your application on Mar 20. Why did you get Biometric then?

After the Biometrics requirement, H4’s are taking longer time to approve than H1B.

We are tracking multiple H4 and H4 EAD cases after biometrics here separately.

I have filed it together with my husband H1B in the same packet. However, the receipt date for him is showing as March 20 and for me it is showing as March 25. I have applied with the new form of I 539 and got the biometrics appt. My question is before the biometrics change, didnt USCIS approve H4 together with H1B if sent together in normal processing?