H4 extension - did not receive the receipt number

Hello, Need your help on my H4 extension situation. My employer stopped processing the H4 extension. So, I had to mail the I539 and I539a along with other supporting documents for my wife and kids as soon as
I got my H1 receipt Number.
My dependents (wife and kid) I-94 expiration date is 15-Jun-2021. I got the receipt number on 1-Jun-2021.
I had shipped the H4 application of my family wife (i-539) and kid (i-539a) along with supporting documents to USCIS through UPS
USCIS received the shipped application package on 4-Jun-2021. I did not receive any receipt number yet.
I checked the current status of my H1 extension application on the USCIS site and the current status is the case is approved.

Can you please advise, where should I check my dependent status or what should I do next? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Next time when you do the H1B extension, you can fill out the I-539 for your dependent and send the packet along with supporting docs and fees check to your company attorney and request to add with your H1B packet. This way all applications will make it to the USCIS at the same time.

Receipt may take up to 7-45 days so you will need to wait. Nothing that you can do at this point in time.

The receipt did not receive yet so they are eligible to stay after 15 Jun?

Yes they can stay legally in the US as the packet was delivered on 4th June. Receipt notice will reflect the date USCIS received your application.
I would do my extension well in advance ( can do up to 6 months in advance) so that you dont get anxious about your status, receipt etc.

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How many days they can stay legally in US?

Till you get the H4 approved.

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