H4 extension- didn’t receive the receipt notice

Hello, need your advice on my current H4 extension situation. From this year onwards my employer stopped processing H4 extension. So, I had to mail the I539 along with other supporting documents for my wife as soon as I got my H1 receipt (I’ve got my approved H1 I797 last week).

Her I94 got expired on 11/22. But we didn’t get the receipt notice yet on the H4 extension. Moreover, I don’t see the personal check I provided for procesing fees, has been cashed yet. I tried to reachout to USCIS customer service and they directed me to lockbox help email address. I did send email to lockbox help desk and they replied due to huge volume it might take upto 30 business days to process my request.

Can you please advise, where should I check my status or what should I do next? Do I need to consult lawyer or attorney? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

You should have not mentioned as to when you sent the application.

It seems that application was lost.