H4 Extension - Didn't receive receipt notice

Hi Anil @anil_am22

Need your help. I have applied for H4 extension (Form I-539) for my family on 5/21/2021 at Texas center. It’s been 3 weeks and I didn’t hear anything from USCIS. Till now the money did not get deducted from my account.

Can you please help me out with the following:

  1. How many days it takes to debit money/ clear personal check from USCIS ?
  2. If I don’t have receipt number how I can track my application status?
  3. What are my other options?
  4. My family I-94 expires on 7/7/2021. Do I need to send my family to India if I don’t get any response from USCIS before that?
  5. If I don’t hear anything further, Can I re-apply using Online option so that I can get the receipt number immediately?
  6. In case my application is rejected how soon USCIS will notify me?
  7. I have proof of delivery from UPS. Will that be useful anywhere?
  8. Can my family stay in US beyond I-94 expiry even we don’t receive receipt notice by that time? Because I applied for extension before i-94 expiry.

Appreciate your help.

Receipts are delayed. You should be fine as long as UPS delivered it and you have the proof of delivery.

They can stay in the US even after i94 expiry.

Thank you Anil.

I am also wondering why USCIS didn’t cash my check that I submitted with the application. My understanding is that first check will be cashed and then receipt will be generated.

Hi, when was the payment deducted and did you receive the receipt notice now? My situation is also similar.

Hi, Payment was deducted after 1 month and received receipt notice after 1 month and 1 week

Thanks. What was the receipt date they gave? Was it when they received the package?

yes the date when they actually opened our package and started entering our details in their system