H4 Extension / EAD Renewal Pending for over 3 Months at Vermont SC

Hi, my H4 Extension and EAD application was filed jointly with my spouse’s H-1B premium processing application (receipt date September 29th, 2020). H-1B got approved on Oct 1, 2020, however my H-4 and EAD case status (Vermont Service Center) still shows “My Case was received”. My current EAD expires Feb 15th and therefore I am on the verge of loosing my job.

FYI- in the past my I-539 and EAD always got approved without any biometric. This time I do not see even any Biometric update on my USCIS case status, but the application is pending for over 90 days. What should I do in this case other than just waiting. Am I eligible for joining H4EAD litigation; Your 3rd eligibility condition on RN law’s website is not clear. Please advise ASAP. Thank you for your help!

same situation. Texas service center though. looking forward to advice !

Biometric is required for all i539 applications as per new USCIS rule.

Biometric appointment letter is taking about 90+ days on average.

You can join RN law group case. They look at each case separately and then decide if they can add it to lawsuit or not.

You will have to talk to them by setting up consultation.