H4 extension+EAD with biometrics- apply in USA vs stamping from outside

Hi Anil,

This is my current situation:

  • I am on H4 and have H4 EAD valid till July 26, 2019.

  • My husband and I were going to apply his H1 and my H4+H4 EAD extension together,

  • My passport is expiring in Oct, 2020, so our HR (we work for same employer) suggested I renew my passport first and then apply for H4 extension and EAD along with my husband.

  • Our HR had submitted my husband’s H1B related document to the attorney but herto wait on filing our application until I receive my passport. But, the attorney, filed his H1B extension without informing us and my husband just received (02/12) his H1B approval.

  • Now, what is the best step for me-

    1. Should I just apply H4 extension and H4 EAD from here, or
    2. Is it better to go out of country to get my H4 stamping and then apply for H4 EAD after I come back?
  • I already have H4 stamping done in India. If option 2 is doable, can I go to Mexico for stamping?

  • Do you know how the processing times would differ in both these cases, now that we have additional bio-metrics thing?

I answered a pretty similar question today here: