H4 extension from Canada

Hi Anil

My H1B is approved recently for 3 years. While I file my extension, my husband was out of USA and hence I couldn’t raise extension for his H4 and it is expired effective 31st Dec 2020. He works in Ship and will be reaching Canada in some time. Is there a possibility for a drop box from Canada for him? If yes, can you please let me know what is the process? His previous H4 was done from India. This time just trying to avoid going to India for stamping.

As a seafarer, he has a C1D as well. As far as we know if he has to enter USA using C1D, he should have details of ship which he is joining. So don’t think that is a possibility for him to enter USA to stay for few days as applicable with C1D. If there are any other process, please let me know.

I do not think you will be eligible for dropbox in Canada based on the scenario you have explained.

You can still go to Canada for the in-person H4 visa interview.