H4 Extension- online filing - need help please

Hi @anil_am22, I am filing for my spouse’s H4 extension online via USCIS.gov. I am stuck at a couple of places. This is my first time filing for an extension on my own. Thank you in advance.

a. Under “Provide information about your most recent entry into the United States.”

What is your travel document number?

There was already a q about the “passport number”, which I added before.

b. under “Your Application → Information about request” section
Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child, or parent?

Is this application based on a separate petition or application to give your spouse, child, or parent an extension or change of status?

How to answer both the above questions → Yes/ No?

c. Under “Your Application → Additional Information about Request” section:
Has an Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Status (I-485), EVER been filed by you or by any other person included in this application?

So, in Oct 2020, I filed for an I140 EB3 downgrade along with the concurrent filing of I485 for myself and my spouse… so, the answer is Yes. What type of explanation is needed to be given?

I believe I have filed the wrong answer… it should be YES instead of NO for the first one.

Since I applied online what’s the best way to get it rectified?

Thank you @anil_am22

As far as I know, the only way is to refile or wait for USCIS to send RFE. They may or may not catch this mistake.