H4 Extension pending (H4 expires in a week), H1 transfer COS or consular processing

Hi All,

My wife’s current H4 expires in a week. and H4 extension is pending from 5 months.
She found a job , and employer is willing to do H1b transfer . she has a previous H1 stamped valid till Aug 2022. but I guess they can not file before mid September 2021.

Is it possible for her to do H4 to H1b COS or H1b in consular processing only?

You may try doing PP for the H1B with COS. This may force USCIS to adjudicate the H4 extension application and subsequently approve H1B.
Only start working for H1B employer after the H1B with COS is approved.

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Thank you for the prompt reply Kalpesh. Just wondering they might issue RFE’s for H1b.
Do you know, in recent time, they have approved H4 before H1B cos ?