H4 Extension Petition pending - 2 in parallel - 6th year


Here is my scenario

-> My 6 years of H1B gets over on June 25th. I94 for me and my wife ends on June 25th
-> As we were waiting on my perm & I140 my company filed for an interim extension of 2 months to reclaim days spent outside USA in the last 6 years
-> We also filed a H4 extension for my wife along with my petition for reclaiming the 2 months.
-> My H1b petition for the two months was approved & my new I94 has a date of Aug 23rd
-> But my wife’s corresponding H4 petition is still pending. We received the receipt notice for it but are still waiting for biometrics appointment & final approval
-> Now my I140 is approved & my organization is going to file for a 3 year extension. Along with it we will be filing the H4 extension for my wife.

I need to know
-> By the time our new 3 year extension will be filed my wife’s I94, ending on June 25th,will be expired. Will that be a problem ?
-> Will filing a new H4 extension while waiting on the decision for the interim H4 extension of 2 months be a problem ? Are parallel H4 petitions even allowed ?

Any guidance in this regard will be very helpful. I am just trying to avoid the specter of unlawful presence for my spouse.

I don’t see any issue in filing another H4 application. You are fine. Both should get approved.

H4 is safe as long as primary H1B has the approval.

Thanks Anil for the reply. Will put updates in this thread as the petition progresses.