H4 Extn Receipt Notice received for spouse but not for Child


I’ve applied for H4 extension for my spouse and for my kid in April. I’ve got the receipt notice for my spouse in which my child name is also listed . However i didn’t receive a sperate receipt notice with case number for my kid . My check was also cashed.

In the past i always used to receive 2 case numbers. Any suggestions please ?
I reached out to USCIS and they asked to write an email to lockboxsupport.

Thank you in advance.

You have already contacted USCIS which is what needs to be done. Please update this thread with the outcome.

Thank you for the response . Will update the thread once i hear from USCIS.

Hi , please help me anyone of you in this situation.
As part of regular H1,H4 Extn , I have applied all of our Extns in Sep 2020 that include H1b(mine), H4( spouse+ kid - i539&i539a), Jun 2021 my spouse H1b got picked and we did sent to USCIS asking for withdrawal of my spouse applied H4 Extn to maintain one (h1) status and we received i539N for my wife.
this week I enquire about my kid Extn that I applied on sep 2020, USCIS says my kid Extn also got withdrawan hence they consider both spouse and child come under one application. pls suggest what should I do - do I need to reapply H4 Extn for my kid ? how USICS will consider since last one year my kid not having status? not sure on next behavior.

Yes, you will need to re-apply for your kid using NPT. Hire a lawyer and apply asap. H4 kids out of status is generally not an issue.

Update - I had to contact USCIS multiple times - I started initial conversation starting with My wife as applicant and asked about my Kids receipt notice, the agent just verified on my wife’s case but couldn;t help with my Kids receipt notice. For the second time, i provided only my Kids details (without confusing anything with my Wife’s details or case number) , then the USCIS agent was able to find the receipt number based on FirstName/Lastname and DOB .

Once i got the receipt number, i had requested to resend the receipt notice via e-request . Make sure when raising request on e-request , specify the request is raised by the applicant (h4 kid) himself/herself or provide the details of h4 main applicant. otherwise they will not process the request and you may need to wait for another 30 days to raise a new request.