H4 -> H1 and H4 EAD auto extension


I have got EAD till October 2022. My employer agreed to file H1B for me and I have planned vacation to India on June. Here are my questions

  1. If H1 approved, will I be eligible for drop box or do I need visa interview.
  2. For all other cases, can I apply H4 extn and EAD along with my husband’s H1B extension and travel to India and get my visa stamped using my husband’s H1 approval?
  3. What will happen to H4 extn in that case?
  4. Will I be eligible for H4 EAD 180 days auto extension in this case?

Or suggest me a better way for this scenario.

Thanks, Mary

Under the new policy you may be eligible for dropbox.



Extension of status application may keep processing while you travel.

Yes, once you enter on H4, get I-94 issued by CBP and your EAD application is still pending you will be eligible for auto-extension.

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