H4 NPT Approval Due to Coronavirus travel ban

Hello Dj here,
Currently my wife works in USA and she got her H1B extended till Dec-2022. Unfortunately we were not aware of H4 visa extension process and we missed the regular H4 extension. We reached the employer of my wife and they are filing a H4 NPT. My problem is my 180 days of extended stay is coming to end at 15-Jun, my wife is pregnant and due to this Covid-19 not sure when the situation will be normal. So what to do can anyone please help?

Hi@Anil just wanted to check what if the lock down is not removed before June. Is there any alternate?

Nobody knows what will happen as USCIS has not given any relaxation in laws.

As per the rule, if NPT is denied and your stay is more than 6 months, you stand to get automatic 3 year entry ban.

I have went through same situation recently. My suggestion is to apply for H4 extension with NPT as soon as possible. And when lock down completed leave the country and go for stamping.
if you crossed 180 days from i94 expiry date that means you are automatically eligible for 3 year ban and if you cross 360 days then it would be 10 years. this is based on my experience and I am not an expert of immigration subject.

@Dharmajeet_Choudhury I’m also having same situation and had filed NPT H4 and waiting in US. Let me know, what happen to your case? Your spouse is in US now?