H4 out of status. Apply visa in Canada

My wife’s H4 extension was filled with NPT but i do not think it will be processed within 180 days, so is it possible to apply for Visa from Canada or do we have to go to home country to apply for visa? What was the experience like applying for visa after being out of status in US. Would it create any problem in the future for 485.
Is it advisable to stay beyond 180 days if NPT was filled. I am looking for an options I might have at this point.

In such situation, it’s always better to leave the country (so that you don’t accrue unlawful presence) and come back with H4 visa stamp.

I think Canada & Mexico options may not work for stamping this year as dates may not be available.

Follow the advice from your attorney for the stay beyond 180 days with pending H4 NPT application.

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