H4 passport expiring - Will schooling be affected?


I have a question regarding passport expiry.
My son who is in H4 has his passport expiry date nearing. It will expire in September he has I94 admit date till February 2021. We tried to process the application for passport renewal thru ckgs but they r no longer accepting any because of covid-19 restriction. I want to know how to get his passport renewed or if I can’t get it renewed in time what will be the consequence. What will happen to his schooling.

I do not think that Schools look at Passport expiry or i94 for school term.

They only ask for your house lease or ownership papers as they are obligated to provide education to all kids irrespective of their current status.

So Anil, what happens if passport expire ? Can we renew after passport expired also.

Yes, you can renew passport even after it has expired.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. There would be many people in same boat who’s passport will expire during this Coronavirus closure.

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We can apply after expiration as well and need to select reason as pp already expired instead of going to expire.

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