H4 person travel to india

My husband has changed the job and his new employer has filed H1B transfer petition and H4 petition for me.
My latest visa in the passport is valid till Jul 2022 and I am currently in US. My husband’s petition is filed in premium, so he is expecting approval soon. For me it may take some time based on what i see on USCIS website.
I may have to travel on emergency reasons. My questions are -

  1. If i travel out of U.S, what happens to my H4 petition, will it continue to get processed or will it be discontinued?
  2. If i travel out of U.S, will i be able to return to U.S based on my husband’s H1 transfer approval? If yes, Will i need his approval notice with me at point of entry? Or what all documents will i need?


Its a 50-50 chance that your pending H4 might be abandoned if you exit the US.

You can return to the US using valid H4 visa stamp in the passport. Carrying a color copy of your spouse’s H1B transfer approval is recommended.

Thanks Anil.
Just one more query, what does abandon mean? Does it mean employer who has initiated H4 along with H1 withdraws it? Or does it mean USCIS just abandons it because the beneficiary has left U.S while the petition was pending?


USCIS might abandon it. There is no guarantee either.

Thanks Anil for answering my queries.