H4 RFE needs police clearance certificate


I got RFE for my H4 Extension.

RFE Says : USCIS has been unable to obtain the required background and security checks to process my application because each set of finger prints was not satisfactory for use by the FBI .

So that they are asking me to submit police clearance certificate for each jurisdiction including foreign residences . so can you suggest me what needs to be done. can you give us some direction what needs to be done.

Will appreciate your suggestions

US state police clearance process is separate for each state.

  1. Texas state police clearance.
  2. California state police clearance.

You will need both US state as well as Indian police clearance.

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Thanks for your response

I got RFE for my H4 Extension and they asked us to submit police clearance certificate but I don’t have State id , SSN , Drivers License and I don’t have my name on leasing document and I do have utility and bank statements on my name but police department is not accepting these documents as address proof. so can someone suggest me what was the alternative option if I don’t have above documents.

Appreciate your suggestions.

Why can’t you get state ID then?

But they are asking valid i-94 and valid visa status. But my visa is in extension so i am blocked.

Then, add your name on the lease. You need to do something to get some kind of document.