H4 stamp and then EAD processing

Hi Anil,
Question on what is the best way to renew h4 EAD, through h4 extn or h4 stamping?
Current situation:
Current h1b stamping, h4stamping valid - 10/19/2021
H4 EAD valid - 10/19/2021
My H1B transfer has approved.
For EAD renewal, can my wife travel to India and get the visa stamped? Then we can initiate EAD renewal process, Instead applying h4 extension+ EAD here in USA
Please suggest. Which process will be less time?

H4 visa stamping will probably take less than time than H4 extension as per current processing times.

thank you Anil for your quick response.

Hi Anil,

Can you please share your opinion on this case
When I was in India, I was an employee of “A” company from 2006- 2017
then i moved to US on H4 in Dec’ 2018 and left company “A”
I got my EAD in Dec’2019
and rejoined the same company in March’ 2019
Can company “A” file for my GC under L1A as have never changed company since 2006?