H4 Stamping + H1B Stamping + H4 EAD Status

Hey Anil,

I am currently in US with an approved H4 extension (I-539) and an approved EAD (I-765) valid till 10th August, 2022. However, I just have the I-797A Notice of Action, my H4 visa has not been stamped yet. My approved H4 extension is basis my spouse’s H1B from her previous employer, she changed her employer post my H4 extension approval and her New H1B validity is 9th September, 2022. My spouse’s new H1B is not stamped as well.

We both are planning to visit to India asap this year and will need to get our H1B and H4 visas stamped. I have read some of the previous queries on the website and just wanted to confirm the same and ask a few more questions:

  1. You recommend applying for a new H4 in India basis the spouse’s approved new H1B in order to avoid H4 rejection or get form 221g right? Please suggest if otherwise

  2. If answer to the above question is YES, will the new stamped H4 visa in anyway affect my EAD which is valid till 10th August, 2022 basis my previous approved H4 extension?

  3. I am planning to make a joint application for both the visa stampings under my spouse’s account as she is the primary H1B holder. Basically under one account to avoid the confusion of making applications through 2 individual accounts. This should be fine right?

I want to Thank you in advance for helping me with my queries!

H4 application should use the most recent H1B i797 to apply for visa stamping.

H4 EAD cards won’t be affected.

Joint application is the recommended way if both of you need visa stamping.

Thanks Anil, appreciate your response sir!