H4 standalone EAD

My standalone H4 EAD application is pending decision & old H4 is validity till May 2023. But My spouse has changed the employer from A to B & Current employer filed concurrent H1B, H4 and it’s approved. But recently old employer revoked the old H1B visa. Will be effect on standalone H4 EAD application tied with old employer H4 (validity till May 2023)?
Or Do I need to apply new H4 EAD?

As far as the primary H1B and H4 dependent are in a valid status, EAD application should not be impacted. USCIS may send a RFE to submit the copy of I-797 for primary H1B.

You don’t need to unless it is denied without RFE. In such case you can submit MTR with the copy of I-797 for primary H1B.

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