H4 to F1 and Commuting Distance issue for spouse on h1b

Hi ,

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia on H4 visa. My husband is on H1B and has his petition approved till April 2024 with ofc location as Durham, NC and remote location as Richmond Virginia .

Now I am planning to study on H4 visa and later convert to F1 student visa. I got admission from a university in Charlotte, NC for spring 2022. So the university location is about 4hrs from Richmond and 2 hrs from Durham.

Here are my questions;

  1. If we shift our house to Charlotte to attend my classes, will there be a question about my husband ofc location and commuting distance to his ofc in the F1 visa interview?
  2. If we shift to Charlotte, do we need to file an h1B amendment? Is there a possibility of the amendment getting rejected since it’s away from ofc location?
  3. Incase if we plan to shift near the ofc location Durham, it takes 1:30 to 2 hrs to the university. Will this be a problem in F1 interview about the commuting distance to the university??

We are currently stuck and unable to take a decision on this.

Note : we have a 2 year old toddler with us. We would like to know whether we get any questions related to our child during the F1 visa interview


I dont think the VO will ask question concerning your husband’s work location.

If the new location you move to is not in the same MSA as the address in H1B LCA, then yes a new LCA and an amendment to H1B is required.

USCIS/VO dont care about F1 residence as far as they abide by all F1 requirements like required credits per semester, in class required credits etc.

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