H4 to F1 while spouse perm processing


My wife is currently pursuing her MS under H4 Visa.
current situation : we have applied for H4 to F1 COS in Feb 2021 and completed biometrics in first week of April 2021 and my employer is doing a perm processing for me, Probably my perm application will be filed in couple of weeks from now

She is planning to go to India in month of Dec before the winter sem starts. I understand that when she travels to India her COS to F1 from H4 will be cancelled . She will still be having 4 courses to be completed in order to complete the graduation.
We are planning to reapply for F1 VISA and get the F1 VISA stamped from consulate when she is in India.

Question :

  1. Is it advisable to go for a F1 VISA interview with the consulate while spouse perm application is in process and due for decision.
  2. Also any idea on timeline for H4 to F1 COS approval.

There is always an inherent risk when trying to change to F1 from dual intent non-immigrant status. F1 needs to show that they will return back to their home country after the course of study however many lawyers thinks otherwise and feel they can challenge USCIS on this stand as most F1s come to the US with an intent to get H1B and are regularly granted H1B status. There was a talk to get rid of some text around non-immigrant intent from visas like F1.

That said, it just depends on the VO and the supporting documents like financial statement and assets in your home country which clearly shows your ties to your home country including immediate family/relatives etc.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 18 months depending on the processing center.

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