H4 to h1 back to h4 with aos ead

Hi @anil_am22

I was in H4 ead working, my employer filed h1 and I moved to h1 from October, my h4 extension was filed before my h1 was approved, in between I received aos/gc ead , I left h1 job to join another using gc ead, my h4 is still pending … is my h4 extension valid? What should I be doing to get h4 status and ead.

EOS may keep processing while you work on AOS EAD.

Once H4 extension is approved, you can travel outside of the US (for e.g. crossing over to Mexico/Canada) and use new H4 I-797/I-94 & AVR to change to H4. Once admitted, you can start working on a valid H4 EAD.


Really thanks for your reply @Kalpesh_Dalwadi , is there any chance h4 might get denied because h1 is approved