H4 transfer while h1b is pending

Hi @anil_am22 , I’m working for company A and they filed h1b extension and H4 extension. H1b extension approved until March 2023 but got rfe for H4 extension. We responded to rfe and waiting for decision on H4 extension.

Now I got an offer from company B and they are going to file h1b transfer. My question is do I need to apply for H4 extension again through company B? Also can H4 dependent stay in USA if H4 through company A gets rejected and company B petition in progress(I-94 already expired after filing H4 extension through A).?

What is the H4 RFE for?

It will be a difficult situation if H4 i94 has already expired and H4 gets denied.

Hi, today got H4 extension approval until 2023. New employer is filing h1b transfer next week. Do I need to file H4 transfer?