H4 Visa, 2 last names in marriage certificate

Hi Anil,

My spouse first time H4 visa interview is coming up soon, i’ve a question regarding the format we received our marriage certificate.( May be i’m over thinking this a little.)

Our Marriage certificate mentions two last names for my spouse " marriage registrar hereby certify that Sri. Shetti Ram and Kum. Venukla SITA (Before Marriage) Smt. Shetti SITA (After Marriage) appeared before me…". Also below my spouse picture on the certificate name is printed as " SHETTI SITA".

So if you notice before marriage and after marriage last names confuses me as it mentions after marriage last name same as mine (SHETTI) for my spouse. Does that mean my spouse passport has to be updated with my last name for visa interview purpose.

Our plan is t not change any last name in future and we want to carry on with original last name forever. Can we use this marriage certificate for visa purpose without updating any other documents like passport etc. or is it good idea to get marriage certificate corrected in any manner so that it does not mention two last names?

Thank You.

I don’t understand the issue completely but if the multiple last names are confusing you, then it most probably will confuse others as well.

I suggest to create a ‘multiple same name affidavit’ and use it everywhere so that you don’t leave anything on their guesses. Also, this will keep you stress free.

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