H4 Visa Administrative Processing in India

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Background info: I recently changed my employer. My previous H1 stamp has expired. My wife had to leave to India for personal reasons. We had applied for H4 here but her biometrics date was well past her departure date. I asked my attorneys and they confirmed that we can apply for a H4 visa from India just like we did for the first time. They advised that the current application would get cancelled/abandoned automatically. I am still in the US while my wife is stuck in India.

She had her biometrics on the 4th of Sept and interview on the 5th. The VO asked a couple of basic questions and told that her visa is approved and she should get the passport back in 2-3 business days. It’s been 2 weeks now and CEAC still shows Admin Processing. My wife said except her passport and my passport copy (old and new), nothing else was asked. My current I-797 was not asked. I was a bit surprised that I-797 was not asked. I am unable to get any extra information from the hotline/support email. Is there anything I can do or just wait patiently ?

Some forums say that September is the end of year for the US and the Embassy would be busy during this time. Not sure how far that is correct.

I am a little worried as it’s been 2 weeks for an H4. How long can the embassy keep the passport ? Is there anyway to escalate ? Please advice.


Hi @anonymous26

I am not aware of any delays due to September. People just write whatever they think might be the reason behind the administration processing delays. It is upto you to believe them or not.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to expedite the process.

Can you list down the questions asked to your wife? That might help me suggest something.

H4 is usually a very safe interview and i think its just a matter of time that the visa will be approved.

Hi @anonymous26

I don’t think there is any need to worry in your case. The visa has been approved. It is just a matter of time that you will get the email to collect passport.

Don’t worry. The delay could be due to heavy work load.

Hi @anonymous26

I think the visa should have been approved.

Hi @anonymous26

If it is your wife’s application, then they are asking for your wife’s records.

But, I think they have a suspicion as they might have found your records and then she is related to you.

Hi @anonymous26

You can just submit a cover letter explaining that your wife does not have any arrest records.

If you want, you can also explain in the same letter that you had one record and share its details to avoid any delays or issues.

Hi @anonymous26

Visa and i797 are two different things and are handled by two separate agencies.

At this time, only your wife’s visa application is being processed at US embassy. It should not affect your H1B petition.

HI Anil this for H4 interview date Oct 5 they give 221g ,I have submitted my passport on 13th October 2020 in the US Consulate at Hyderabad. There is no update from the consulate end. However, I have been tracking my visa updates on CEAC.

Status as on :

a. 13th October 2020: Refused

b. 23rd October 2020: Administrative Processing

c. 26th October 2020: Ready

d. 26th October 2020: Administrative Processing (again)

Kindly find the following queries.

  1. Can you please give your opinion on the above changes of my status on the CEAC website?