H4 Visa Drop box in Oct 2021

I moved from Employer A to B in June 2021 and want to travel to India October/November 2021 provided I get VISA interview slots.

Employer A - H1B valid till Sep 2023, spouse H4 valid till Sep 2023
Employer B - H1B valid till May 2024, spouse H4 still processing (have receipt notice)

Both mine and my wife’s H1B and H4 Visa are stamped with old employer valid until Sep 2020 (stamp expired)

My situation -

If I get NIE approved, I am planning to travel with my wife and give interview at consulate. In that case, since I have new H1B approved from employer B, I won’t have any issues. But will my wife be exempt from interview and use dropbox, since her VISA is still valid with old employer and new VISA hasn’t been issued from new employer?

If my NIE is not approved or if only my wife decides to travel, can she use dropbox to get her H4 visa stamped with old employer A, since my old H1 is still not revoked?


Both of you should be eligible for dropbox. The visa expiry was extended to 48 months from 12 month and is valid till December’21.


But since my employer has changed, won’t I need to attend interview? Or are you suggesting to use old employer’s I-797 which is valid until Sep 2023?

In that case, how would I check if my old employer has revoked my H1B or not?

I am not suggesting you use your past I-797. You must use your most current H1B approval for visa stamping. I don’t think changing of employer will affect your eligibility. Did you check the eligibility app or the below link?